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Camping Photo Album

We're not much on vacations, but we do a lot of camping.

at nite

This is our camper (pic a little dark) , where we spend most of our summer.


The kids love to swim here.


Ilsa & Sarah 2001

Ilsa & Sarah making
things nice

Home Away From Home

The Campsite 2001


2001 Season

Dobrzynski Clan 2001

Lottie, Foof
Ben & Sami

Mr. & Mrs. Santa

Bob & Ethel

Bob & Ethel Smith

Santa & Mrs. Santa
Christmas 2001
at Dobrzynski's

Ben & Sami

Sami & Ben
Christmas 2001

Ben, Sami, Mary & Sarah

Ben & Sami
Mary & Sarah
Christmas 2001


Earl ( Pa )


Here's Matilda ( Bubby )
with the curlers in her hair

Old lady ond kids on HOG

The kids love Pa's golfcart (so do we ).

2001 Season

The Ledsome's 2001

Dennis & Sandy

The Volk's

Jerry & Shirley
Duffy & Patches

The Mendella's Christmas 2001

Joe & Judy
Christmas 2001
at Dobrzynski's

Chuck & Lottie
Christmas 2001

Foof & Lottie

Neat  huh?

Kind of reminds you
of the Northern Lights